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CITIC HIC is the largest casting & forging center in central-south China.

Casting equipment includes:

    80t, 50t & 40t electric arc furnaces

    2 x 150t & 60t LF ladle refining furnaces

    150t & 60t VD/VOD refining furnaces

    R-H vacuum circulating degassing unit for liquid steel

We can pour 900t liquid steel at one time with our largest casting to date being 600t.
We produce around 70,000t of high quality liquid steel per annum.

CITIC HIC can produce more than 260 high quality grade steels such as:

    Carbon steel

    Structural alloy steel

    Structural steel

    Refractory steel

    Stainless steel (special purpose)


The maximum casting weights:

Carbon Steel 600t
Grey Iron 30t
Spheroidal Graphite Iron 20t
Non ferrous 2.5t